Services & Events at All Saints

Sunday 15th December
Family Eucharist 9:30am

Tuesday 17th December
Carols in the Village Hall 7pm

Sunday 22nd December
Family Eucharist followed by Posada party 9:30am
Traditional Carol Service 4pm

Tuesday 24th December
Crib Service 4pm
Midnight Mass 10pm

Wednesday 25th December
Christmas Day Family Eucharist with Carols 10am

Thursday 26th December
Eucharist 10am - Feast of St Stephen

Thursday 27th December
Eucharist 10am - Feast of St John the Evangelist

Sunday 29th December
Feast of the Holy Family- Combined service with Farmlands Methodists 10am

Every Wednesday
Parish Eucharist 9:30am

Every Monday
Quiz in Priest House 2:30 pm

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Welcome to All Saints' Church here in Doddinghurst 

We are delighted that you are visiting our web site. If you have not already done so, please also find us on Facebook. Between them they give a glimpse of our life here at All Saints and all the information needed to come along and join in. All of our services are listed on this page and everyone is welcome to come along. Everything you need for any of the services will be given to you at the door.

A Message from Rev'd Ann
Thank You!’- ‘You’re Welcome!’- ‘Have a nice day!’

This cheery way of doing business can put you in a positive frame of mind to start the day.

‘You’re welcome!’ -a phrase we see at sports and leisure facilities, in shops and indeed more personally as something we say when we invite others into our own homes.

Offering hospitality- it’s such a great way to foster relationships, to build up community, to give value to each person. But, to go beyond using, ‘You’re welcome’, simply as a pleasantry, for it to become the genuine article there has to be a matching of the outward form- the smile- the cup of tea- with the opening of the heart. That authenticity is picked up so quickly by those who are at the receiving end of our hospitality.

The model Christians follow is that of Jesus who was a guest in many homes but was supremely also the host because of the way he totally opened his life, indeed gave his life, to us. This wasn’t a case of just offering hospitality, important though that is, Jesus is hospitality! Jesus’ life, his death, his resurrection and the sending of the Holy Spirit is an invitation for each person to know the love of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit every day of their lives.

The Church, which is the body of Christ , is learning, day by day, to follow Jesus’ example and to be just that! To become the hospitality we offer. So, if you pop into All Saints Church or join us for worship or if you meet any of us in the village- be assured- ‘You are very welcome!’

Rev'd Ann Coleman 

Safeguarding Information: We are committed to ensuring that All Saints Doddinghurst is a safe place for all.  For further information, please go to our Safeguarding Page.

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