February Services & Events at All Saints

Sunday 10th February
Parish Eucharist with Church Parade 9:30am

Sunday 17th February
Parish Eucharist 9:30am

Sunday 24th February
Parish Eucharist with Saints Alive 9:30am

Every Wednesday
Parish Eucharist 9:30am

First Friday
Requiem Eucharist 12pm

Every Monday
Quiz in Priest House 2:30 pm

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Welcome to All Saints' Church here in Doddinghurst 

Epiphany Greetings! And a Happy New Year too!

Each new year is a time for making resolutions- of new opportunities for us to grow and to change as human beings. We can take up a new challenge or learn a new skill or perhaps begin a new relationship. Underlying all these is the hope that something surprising will happen and we will fulfill our dreams.

Each new year Christians celebrate Epiphany- Jesus Christ came into this world for all people. This was indeed a very surprising event because we believe that God became a human being. Why? Simply because he loved us and wants us to be truly fulfilled! Three stories from the Scriptures tell us more.

The first is about three people who were searching for the fulfillment of a dream- to meet a special King. They set off on a long journey far from home and after taking some wrong turns they find him. A helpless baby in a poor dwelling in an unexpected little town, but surprisingly this child was God himself, come to live with us.

The second is about people who want a fresh start so they go to be baptised- to have their wrongdoings wiped clean . Suddenly an unexpected person joins the queue surprising everybody. Why? Because he has done nothing wrong so does not need baptism. Yet Jesus identifies with all of us and, as he baptised, the Holy Spirit rests on him and God’s words were heard. ‘You are my beloved son. In you I am well pleased’.

The third is about people celebrating a family wedding and there at the party is Jesus with his mother and his friends having a good time. When the wine runs out and things start going wrong Jesus steps in and quietly transforms gallons of ordinary water into the best wine ever. Surprising?- the guy in charge of catering thought so- but this is our generous surprising God in action!

So, as you make your resolutions this year, ask yourself a question- ‘what am I really searching for in my life? Then go and search for it in unexpected places and people. You might take a few wrong turns but don’t give up because the God who comes to be with us is also searching- searching for you! He longs for your life to be transformed – for you to find the love he pours on you as he says these words, ‘You are my beloved child. In you I am well pleased!’

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With every good wish, 
Rev'd Ann Coleman 

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