Guild of Simeon and Anna (ctd)

Who can join?
Although anyone can become a member of the Guild, it is particularly focused on those of retirement age and beyond. Membership is open to men and women of any Christian denomination. You may be able join with us at Church for our services or you may receive communion at home or perhaps you are no longer able to get to church or although you once went to church, life has made it difficult to do that now.

What does it involve?
Agreeing to pray for the life of the church and our village once a week in your own home either using your own prayers or the Lord’s Prayer and the Guild prayer
(This time of prayer can be quite short and can be for whatever God put on your heart.)
If you would like to come and are able, we will also be hosting a Guild tea with a short service 3 times a year.
The Church will pray for members of the Guild at one of the services each week
Each member of the Guild will receive a prayer card and a membership certificate.

For more details please contact Rev Ann 821 366

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