Thy Kingdom Come - Stations of the Resurrection

On Monday, 3rd June at 6pm in the Churchyard, adults and young people from our Church Community will lead us in Stations of the Resurrection.  This is a Family Friendly Event. Several of the Village Scouts have made the wonderful Wooden stands for us and our All Saints Team of Adults and Young people have made the Pictures.

What are Stations of the Resurrection?
There are 14 Stations of the Resurrection and each station contains a picture relating to one of Jesus’ Resurrection appearances. We will read a bible passage, reflection and prayer about each one in turn.  The whole event lasts about 40 mins. We will walk between the Stations but a few chairs will be available for those unable to stand for the whole time.

Where are the Stations of the Resurrection
The stations are positioned around the Churchyard, behind the Church and around the Church porch - for example the First Station - Jesus Rises from the Dead is next to a large tomb in the Churchyard. 
The Pdf at the bottom of this page tells you where each station is positioned.
How can I use the Stations of the Resurrection
The Stations will be up in the churchyard until Pentecost (Sunday 9th June). If you can't come along on Monday 3rd, please feel free to use them at any time. Each one has a picture and the Bible Passage, reflection and prayer there for you to use. The Pdf at the bottom of this page also tells you the order of the Stations and where to find them.

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