Thy Kingdom Come - Prayer Relay

Thy Kingdom Come - Prayer Relay  - What is it All About?

Thy Kingdom Come is a Global Wave of Prayer from Ascension to Pentecost. Here at All Saints one of the ways we are joining in is through a Prayer Relay. In 2019 we had one Relay Team but are looking to form more this year!

How the Prayer Relay Works
  • Sign up for a relay team with your name and email address by emailing Claire Abraham: 
  • Receive the virtual relay “baton” from the person before you on the list on one of the 10 days between ascension and pentecost.
  • Pray your “Thy Kingdom Come” prayer on your assigned day
  • Send an email to the next person on the list passing the image of the virtual “Baton” below.
  • Optionally: If you wish to you can include the person you are passing the Baton to in your “thy kingdom come prayer” and let them know that you prayed for them too
A few Suggestions for Prayer if you would like some
  • Pray for a friend or family member to know Jesus
  • Pray for a part of our village - maybe one of the schools, the people that live in a specific road, those that serve the community in some way
  • Perhaps use the BLESS framework below to pray for someone as it can help us to focus on all of the felt needs of those we are praying for:
— Body – health, protection, energy
— Labour – employment/unemployment, retirement, adequate income
— Emotional – inner peace, joy, wisdom, insight, patience
— Social – healthy relationships between spouses, parents, children, friends, reconciliation; love
— Spiritual – repentance, salvation, obedience, faith
  • Pray the Lord's Prayer with the intention of evangelisation
  • Or the most simple of all -  pray the words ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ and God will do the rest!

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