Anointing of the sick and Communion at Home

The theologian Zizoulous made the important comment that if we are the body of Christ, then when one part of that body is hurting we all hurt. This applies to our care and concern for our Christian brothers and sisters all over the world and for those close at home. Here at All Saints each member of the body of Christ is important. If someone is unwell or housebound we are only too delighted to bring communion home to them or to simply visit or offer some practical help. We pray for the sick by name each Wednesday at our 9.30am Eucharist service.

From the earliest times, the Christian Church has not only ensured that the sick receive prayer and communion, it has also used anointing with Holy Oil to bring comfort to those who are ill or close to death. This oil of the sick is blessed by the Bishop of Chelmsford in his Cathedral Church each Maundy Thursday and then brought back to each parish for the purpose of anointing. Ann will gladly come to anoint anyone who asks.

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