News from Rev. Ann 17th May 2024

17th May 2024

News from Rev. Ann 5th April 2024

5th Apr 2024

News from Rev. Ann 18th January 2024

18th Jan 2024

News from Rev. Ann 5th January 2024

5th Jan 2024

News from Rev. Ann 12th December 2023

13th Dec 2023

News from Rev. Ann 30th November 2023

1st Dec 2023

News from Rev. Ann 17th November 2023

22nd Nov 2023

Licensing of Father John

8th Mar 2023
Congratulations to Father John on his licensing as Associate Priest of this parish. The photos are from the special combined Parish Eucharist led by Archdeacon Mike Power.

News from Rev. Ann

8th Mar 2023

The great news is that Ann's licence as priest-in-charge has been extended for the next three years. However, due to changes in diocesan policy, she and David will no longer be able to live in the Rectory and will vacate it in April. Decisions about the future of the Rectory are in the hands of the diocese. This will come as a shock to some as the Rectory has always been, like the Church, a point of stability at the centre of the village, but be assured that the church is not withdrawing from the village, it's just that things will look a little different in the future.

Ann and David are not going far though and will rent a Church of England's pensions board bungalow, Bramble Cottage in Second Avenue, Hook End. Some may recall this was the home of Sheila Jeans-Jakobsson. Look out for Ann whizzing about on her new electric tricycle.

Ordination October 2022

1st Oct 2022
Congratulations to our own Mother Claire on her ordination as priest.

Confirmation Service September 2022

18th Sep 2022
Furrther photos on our Facebook Page.

Confirmation Service October 2021

16th Oct 2021
Further photos in this Slide Gallery where prints can be purchased or on our Facebook Page

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